Surf Park Summit 2022

Join us for Surf Park Summit 2022

Sunday October 16th - Tuesday October 18th, 2022

The must-attend event for entrepreneurs and executives in the surf park industry. Join for the CEO-level networking, stay for the industry intelligence and insights. 

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The #1 conference in surf parks and surf resort developments











Sunday, October 16th

5:00 - 8:00 pm - Exclusive VIP Networking Event

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Monday, October 17th 

8:30AM Doors Open

930AM - Opening Keynote

Surf Park Summit Day 1 will feature an action packed agenda of presentations, case studies, and panel discussions. 

  • Expert Panels
  • Company Presentations
  • Special Guest Speakers

Happy Hour 5-730PM 

Day 2

Tuesday, October 18th 

8:00AM - VIPs are welcomed to join us for the 2nd annual Breakfast of Champions 

Day 2 doubles down on the action, adding the 2nd Annual Surf Park Awards presentation as well as highlights from Insider partners from all over the world. 

  • Case Studies
  • 2nd Annual Surf Park Awards

Happy Hour 5-730PM 

Surf Park Summit 2021 Highlights

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Video Poster Image

Event Speakers

Jess Ponting Surf Park Summit

Head of Development Projects, Wavegarden

Shane Beschen Surf Park Summit

CEO, USA Surfing

Doug Sheres Surf Park Summit

Partner & Marketing Director, UNIT Surf Pool

Jessica O'Leary Surf Park Summit

Managing Partner, AO

Skip Taylor Surf Park Summit

CEO & Co-Founder of STOKE

Andrew Thatcher Surf Park Summit

Partner at Surf Park Central, Co-Founder of STOKE

Brian Gile Surf Park Summit

Partner, BAR Architects

Andrew Thatcher Surf Park Summit

Principal, AO

Andrew Thatcher Surf Park Summit

Co-Founder, Surf Park Management

Andrew Thatcher Surf Park Summit

Co-Founder, Surf Park Management

Andrew Thatcher Surf Park Summit

Project Development, Water Technology Inc

Andrew Thatcher Surf Park Summit

Former Professional Surfer & Motivational Speaker

*VIP Keynote Speaker*

Andrew Thatcher Surf Park Summit

Business Development Manager, ADG

Expert talks on the big topics in the surf parks  


Wave Technologies

Consumer Trends


Financing Opportunities

Case Studies

Operator Lessons Learned

Sustainability Efforts

And more! 


Expert Panel presentations on 


Lessons learned in Surf Lagoon Operations - A small cadre of surf park operators and technology companies hold the bulk of the world’s first hand knowledge about surf park operations. This panel brings together the finest minds among this elite group of industry pioneers to discuss. Operations includes surf lagoon operations, but also F&B, guest experience, point of sale, waiver strategy, and other. Discuss the trials and tribulations involved in surf park operations. 

Spotlight on Sustainability in Surf Parks, and how we can make waves for the generations to come - What are the key issues around sustainability in the surf pool and how can they be creatively addressed? E.g. Energy, Water, Physical footprint, Safety & Quality. What are the sustainability issues beyond the pool? E.g. Management & Communication, Design and Construction, Community Development, Fair Labor, Cultural Heritage, Supply Chain, Environment & Conservation. How can clever design influence sustainability? What tools are available to surf parks to manage their sustainability goals?

How to evaluate the feasibility of Surf Park Investments with the top investors in the category - Financing for surf park developments is the #1 issue on the mind of surf stoked entrepreneurs and developers all over the world today. The question is, how does a team successfully assemble the location, talent, capital, partners, and plans to achieve success. This panel goes into the financials with the experts from the surf park and wave pool investing space including active investors. 

Planning and Designing best-in-class surf pool experiences - Design and construction of inland surfing experience requires a deep focus on physical space design as well as dynamic in person user experience design. This panel explores the nuances of masterplanning and experience design for surf parks, to help early stage developers consider how to enhance their plans. 

The evolution of brands in surf parks - How consumer trends in surfing will change marketing, positioning, and brand strategy decisions forever. This panel, moderated by Bryan Dickerson from Wave Pool Mag, focuses on the evolution of surf brands in terms of surf industry incumbents evolving their approaches to cater to (or not cater to) new surfers who learn and advance in the pool. In this panel we hear from a variety of leaders in the surfing and surf park industries in terms of what they’re seeing, and what they believe, the future of surfing looks like from a consumer marketing perspective. 

Surf Pools and the progression and innovation in the sport of surfing - What is the future of surfing in terms of progression of the sport? How do influencers play a role in shaping the future of surf parks globally? How do athletes, influencers, and everyday surfers change the definition of what it means to be a surfer in surf parks. Surfing in the Olympics is a reality - what does this mean for the sport? What brands are reshaping the surf and wellness category? 

Case Study presentations  from 4 of the top surf park projects in the world today


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Why Attend Surf Park Summit?

Surf Park Summit is the #1 event in surf pools and surf-anchored attraction real estate, designed for entrepreneurs and executives in the sector including new entrants. Surf pool demand is exploding, with billions of dollars committed to new development projects on a global scale - surf pools represent a new trend in wellness tourism, poised to grow by more than 10x in the next 10 years as new wellness categories reaches billions of new people. Surf Pools represent a new generation of tourism who will contribute trillions of dollars to the global economy.

“An explosion of innovative technologies, new constructions, and worldwide interest has detonated in the artificial surfing space.” - Surfline

Come to Surf Park Summit to learn more about the keys to success in this industry from a development, investment, and operations perspective, and to meet the right people to get your projects moving.


Shaun Tomson

Former World Surfing Champion, Author & Motivational Speaker

“A professional and inspirational show you put together! I am so stoked to be connected to all of you and such a vibrant new world. Surfing will create so much positive transformation in individuals and communities too.”

Jessica O'Leary Surf Park Summit

Jessica O'Leary

UNIT Surf Pool Distribution Partner & Marketing Director

"From the beautiful location to the guest speakers, the panel topics, and even the happy hours, it was all so thoughtfully curated and well organized."

Bob Rief

Executive Director San Diego Sport Innovators

“I know how absolutely invaluable the conference is. If you are a wave pool entrepreneur, and you do not attend the Summit… that would be a big miss. Amazing amount of insight, super well done!”