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Surf Park Insiders is a professional community for those serious about surf parks. Members get included access to the virtual Surf Park Summit


What is Surf Park Insiders?

Individual and corporate members join and receive exclusive access to live events, research, news, and content about surf parks. Benefit from networking access to vetted partners and high-value industry knowledge

Access to Surf Park Summit

INSIDERS provides access to Surf Park Summit content and participants 365 days a year. Insiders brings together the best and brightest from Surf Park Summit and from within the industry to share, learn, and advance the progress of surf parks. Save time, prioritize your focus, and de-risk execution by getting all the right information at your fingertips, on-demand.

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Monthly Video Series To Follow Industry Trends

Watch monthly INSIDER episodes with Dr. Jess Ponting, as he interviews industry executives and thought leaders to explore the deeper corners of surf park industry research, benchmarking, and thematic debates about the future of the industry.

Join a community that values Networking & Storytelling 

INSIDERS facilitates networking within the surf park community, both through events like Surf Park Summit and right here in the INSIDERS platform. INSIDERS connects you with the top industry professionals in surf parks, including developing exciting content on the future of surf parks. 

Surf Park Insiders Membership

Join Insiders to stay connected to the surf park industry, including updates from the leading wave technology companies, virtual access to recordings from all past Surf Park Summit events, and a personalized Insider dashboard where you can find thousands of insights relevant to your professional journey in surf parks. Head to the Community section to meet fellow Insiders.


Includes 12 months of access



Designed for the surf park professional

Insiders includes online platform access to features for:

  • Networking and direct messaging in the Insider virtual Community
  • Access to premium surf park industry reports and research
  • Watch recordings from EVERY Surf Park Summit event, including events in the future while you are a member

Insiders also get discounted access to the in-person Surf Park Summit conference


Membership For Teams

Insider Pro provides up to 5 team members with included online access to the Insider platform, live-stream events access for 12 months, and access to research reports and industry intelligence. 


Includes Sponsorship for the October 16-18 Summit in San Diego  

Insider Pro members organizations are also sponsors! 

Insider Pro member companies will be included as base sponsors for the next Surf Park Summit. Member companies also receive branded sponsorship shown on video screens at the live event, as well as in media from Surf Park Central. 

INSIDERS PRO - Corporate Membership

$3,500 Per Year

Membership and virtual event access for your team (up to 5 people)

Insiders Pro provides provides team members with access to the Insider dashboard including:

  • Weekly Insider video interview series with industry leaders
  • Watch Surf Park Summit recordings on-demand, including the June 2021 and October 2020 virtual events 
  • Research and report access for primers, how-to guides, and consumer trends data in surf parks
  • Discounted access to the next in-person Summit, returning to San Diego, CA on October 16th-18th 2022
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"I would consider the Surf Park Central team as quintessential ambassadors. I do also see an opportunity within Insiders to identify (other) ambassadors... this may jumpstart projects or effectively kill unviable plans quickly."

- Surf Park Insider member

What's Included?


Watch monthly video series

Get the inside hook on industry trends, news, new projects, and best practices as shared by industry experts. We also double-click into the best of Surf Park Summit with closer analysis of materials shared.

Surf Park Project Updates

Hear from established and emerging wave technology companies, innovative partners, and industry-leading developers on what is happening in the market today.

Surf Park Summit On-Demand

Watch Summit virtually, and gain access to the previous Surf Park Summits, including 2013, 2016, 2018, and 2020. Includes more than 150 hours of content.

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