Surf Park Summit - Summer Session - June 24, 2021

Recorded June 24th, 2021

Surf Park Summit

Summer Session

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Surf Park Summit - June 2021

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Endless Surf - Surf Park Summit


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Full Agenda:  

How to develop a surf park, choose a wave technology | Surf Park Summit

Introduction from Dr. Jess Ponting

Welcome to the Surf Park Summit Summer Series - 2021. This event is full of exciting and never before seen expert panel discussions aimed at those looking to break into the industry, and succeed in it. Surf Park Summit is the go to knowledge sharing experience for anyone serious about surf parks. During this Summit we are excited to bring together the most senior executives, CEOs, and leaders, including the first brands to deliver multiple surf park locations, coming together in a single forum for the first time ever! 


It’s quite exciting - please join us. To learn more about what we do the 364 other days a year, please visit Surf Park Central Insiders to learn more about membership in this exciting community.


Moderator: Jess Ponting. Co-Founder Surf Park Summit, Director Center for Surf Research

How to develop a surf park, choose a wave technology | Surf Park Summit

The Infinite Nuance of Comparing Wave Technologies

For the first time ever, this panel brings most of the major wave technologies together in a single forum. Surf park developers, investors, the surf media, and even the surfing public regularly attempt to make comparisons between technologies to determine which is better, or best. The truth is that all of the technologies on this panel can deliver successful projects and that comparisons are fraught with nuance that is impossible to capture in a single metric or quote. The aim of this panel is to explore this nuance. Perhaps most importantly, the panel discusses the key points of difference between wave technologies and how those differences influence the application and lead to customer success. 



Jess Ponting. Co-Founder Surf Park Central, Director Center for Surf Research



Baptiste Colonque. Chief Commercial Officer, Endless Surf

Aaron Trevis. Founder & CEO, Surf Lakes

Sean Young. Head of Special Projects, Wavegarden

Tom Lochtefeld. Founder & CEO, Surfloch

How to develop a surf park, choose a wave technology | Surf Park Summit

Different Business Models in Surf Parks

This panel brings together an incredible range of veteran water park and surf park experience creators to discuss how we can create and keep a level of fidelity between a day at the beach and a surf park experience. How does the beach factor into the various possible business models from country clubs to high throughput public amenities? How can we create additional revenue streams based on the surf park amenity that take place around, rather than in, the wave basin? How can we make these experiences as inclusive as possible? How can surf parks be agents of positive change in their communities and in the world? 



William Duncanson. Partner, BAR Architects & Partner, ProSwell



Jim Dunn. President, Aquatic Development Group (ADG)

Chad Labonte. COO, American Surf Parks

Izzy Tihanyi. Co-Founder Surf Diva

Tony Finn. UNIT Surf Pools

How to develop a surf park, choose a wave technology | Surf Park Summit

Growth of Global Surf Venue Brands

With 50+ active and verified surf park projects in progress right now globally, human made waves will be pumping all over the world. This presents an opportunity for international surf pool operating brands that span multiple locations to deliver standardized high quality experiences. This panel includes executives from some of the first surf park operating brands, including those with multiple surf park locations. The panel will discuss issues including the consumer brand partnerships and the challenges of developing internationally. Particular focus is on the challenges presented by differences in financing models, safety regulations, cultural norms, wave technology maintenance, legal issues and regulations between different countries and regions. 



Paul Chutter. President, Endless Surf & President, Whitewater



Damon Tudor. CEO, URBN Surf

Craig Stoddart. CEO, The Wave

Ryder Thomas. CEO, Pegasus Lodges & Partner, ProSwell

How to develop a surf park, choose a wave technology | Surf Park Summit

Who is Really in the Surf Park?

This historic panel brings together operator representation from almost every open surf park in the world today. Head of Destination Consulting at Colliers Matt Hyslop guides this group of uniquely qualified surf park operators through detailed examinations of who is really coming to their parks, where they are coming from, how they are using the parks, and how operators can better accommodate particular groups of guests including core surfers, families, women, and people with disabilities.


Moderator: Matt Hyslop. Head of Destination Consulting, Colliers


Panelists: Damon Tudor. CEO, URBN Surf

Craig Stoddart. CEO The Wave

Mike Schwaab. GM, BSR Surf Resort

Blake Hess. COO, Beach Street. Formerly NLAND and WSL Surf Ranch

How to develop a surf park, choose a wave technology | Surf Park Summit

Finance & Investment Trends in Surf Parks

The first modern surf parks were financed almost exclusively by high net worth families and individuals. Subsequently surf parks have amassed sufficient financial histories to begin to pique the interest of institutional capital. That tipping point is likely to unlock a great deal of surf park development. Where are we along the road to institutional capital? What do surf park developers need to do to position themselves for financing? What trends are emerging in surf park financing? This panel brings together surf park developers, financiers, and investment institutions to discuss these issues.


Moderator: Kui Nakamura. Partner, ProSwell


Panelists: Wes Wells. Vandever Capital

Andrew Ross. Aventuur

Noah Hahn. Coral Mountain Group

Andrew Limbocker, Partner,  Lagniappe Capital Partners

Sebastian Smith. STORE Capital

How to develop a surf park, choose a wave technology | Surf Park Summit

Masterplanning for Commercial Success of Surf Parks

Surf park industry experts and moderator team duo Cate Thero and Skip Taylor of Surf Park Management shape up this conversation featuring pioneering leaders in surf parks. First we have Michael Schwab, Founder and Partner at Coral Mountain Group, the new high end membership-focused surf park including a KS Wave Co basin and planned for La Quinta, CA, along with Mike Oswald, Principal at ProSwell and Managing Partner at MR-ProFun who has personally overseen a wide variety of developments, to Ben Barker, Managing Director at Extreme Destinations, a global adventure and media brand. These panelists are joined by Craig Stoner, Managing Partner at EDSA, a well established masterplanning group with some exciting projects underway, and finally Amos Casas, Managing Partner at Amusement Logic, which has been very active in surf park developments including in Europe. These experts discuss, debate, and brainstorm what the future of surf parks masterplanning should look like in terms of how to evaluate and shape surf park developments that meet the demand, local market realities, pragmatic developer decision making, and include a “core” brand ethos.


Skip Taylor, Partner, Surf Park Management

Cate Thero, Partner, Surf Park Management



Michael Schwab, Founder & Partner, Coral Mountain Group

Mike Oswald. Partner, ProSwell & Managing Partner, MR-ProFun

Ben Barker, Managing Director, Extreme Destinations

Craig Stoner, Managing Partner, EDSA 

Amos Casas, Managing Partner, Amusement Logic

How to develop a surf park, choose a wave technology | Surf Park Summit

Ripple Effect - Exploring the Sustainability of Surf Parks

This panel focuses on the realities, nuances, and overall sustainability of surf parks. Presented by Surf Lakes including CEO Aaron Trevis and Global General Manager, Wayne Dart, the team is joined by Carl Kirsh, CEO of STOKE Certified, Clint Wood, Design Principal at Place Design Group, and Mary Carrol, CEO of Capricorn Enterprises to discuss their various definitions of sustainability, including the many environmental, social, cultural, educational, and commercial impacts that surf parks can have on a community. Listen in to hear how Surf Lakes in particular is approaching sustainability with a thoughtful combination of community outreach, guidance from 3rd party certification organizations, thoughtful design that harnesses natural elements of the surrounding areas, and support from local governments and authorities. 



Wayne Dart. General Manager, Global Operations, Surf Lakes



Aaron Trevis. Co-Founder & CEO Surf Lakes

Carl Kish. CEO & Co-Founder, STOKE Certified

Clint Wood. Director & Design Principal, Place Design Group

Mary Carroll. CEO, Capricorn Enterprises 

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