SURF PARK SUMMIT San Diego, CA - October 4-5, 2021
Surf Park Summit 2021

The leading conference in the surf parks and wave pools industry


San Diego, CA

October 4-5, 2021

Join us for the long awaited return of the Surf Park Summit in real life event. This two-day conference will feature industry networking, expert panels, and presentations from industry leaders and innovators.

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Meet the leaders in Surf Parks

A two day event designed for surf park Developers, Operators, Investors, and Suppliers


Mike Oswald Surf Park Summit

Mike Oswald

Partner, ProSwell & Managing Partner, MR-ProFun

Paul Chutter Surf Park Summit

Paul Chutter

President & CCO, WhiteWater / President, Endless Surf


Ryder Thomas Surf Park Summit

Ryder Thomas

CEO, Pegasus Lodges & Partner, ProSwell


William Duncanson Surf Park Summit

William Duncanson

Partner, BAR Architects & Partner, ProSwell


Jim Dunn Surf Park Summit

Jim Dunn

President, Aquatic Development Group (ADG)

Doug Sheres Surf Park Summit

Doug Sheres

Finance & Development, Beach Street Development

Tom Lochtefeld Surf Park Summit

Tom Lochtefeld

Founder & CEO, Surfloch

Shaun Tomson Surf Park Summit

Shaun Tomson

Former Surfing Champion and Motivational Speaker

Andrew Thatcher Surf Park Summit

Andrew Thatcher

VP Business Development, Endless Surf

Kristina Chang Surf Park Summit

Kristina Chang

President at Westlake International Group

Baptiste Colonque Surf Park Summit

Baptiste Colonque

Chief Commercial Officer, Endless Surf


Cate Thero Surf Park Summit

Cate Thero

Partner, Surf Park Management

Blake Hess Surf Park Summit

Blake Hess

COO, Beach Street Development

Bryan Gile Surf Park Central

Bryan Gile

Director of Sales, North America, Surf Lakes

Craig Stoner Surf Park Summit

Craig Stoner

Managing Partner, EDSA


Doug Whiteaker Surf Park Summit

Doug Whiteaker

President, Water Technology Inc. (WTI)

Josh Martin Surf Park Summit

Josh Martin

President & Creative Director at Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering

Damien Hobgood Surf Park Summit

Damien Hobgood

Professional Surfer

Oriol Vicente Surf Park Summit

Oriol Vicente

Co-Founder, Westlake Wave Co.

Izzy Tihanyi Surf Park Summit

Izzy Tihanyi

Co-Founder, Surf Diva

Jason Baldessari Surf Park Summit

Jason Baldessari

Principal / Founder at PUSHparks

Jess Ponting Surf Park Summit

Jess Ponting

CoFounder, Surf Park Central

Marshall Myrman Surf Park Summit

Marshall Myrman

President, FlowRider®

Richard Carroll Surf Park Summit

Richard Carroll

Senior Vice President and COO, Jeff Ellis & Associates

Matt Biolos Surf Park Summit

Matt Biolos

Surfboard Shaper

Timmy Patterson Surf Park Summit

Timmy Patterson

Surfboard Shaper

Skip Taylor Surf Park Summit

Skip Taylor

Partner, Surf Park Management

Mike Gartland Surf Park Summit

Mike Gartland

Principal, Counsilman-Hunsaker

Matt Ruzicka

Matt Ruzicka

Relationship Manager at CEM Aquatics

Chris Kluesener Surf Park Summit

Chris Kluesener

Partner, Surf Park Central

Andrew Limbocker Surf Park Central

Andrew Limbocker

Partner, Lagniappe Capital Partners

Tony Finn Surf Park Summit

Tony Finn

UNIT Surf Pool

Zach Adamson Surf Park Summit

Zach Adamson

Founder, DIVERTbrands, LLC

Featuring Discussions on: 

Welcome Day 1 with Dr. Jess Ponting 

As a welcome back to Surf Park Summit, Dr. Jess Ponting, CoFounder of Surf Park Central, Director at the San Diego Center for Surf Research, and CoFounder at Stoke Certified, provides opening comments to kickstart the event and welcome our special guests and partners. 

Welcome Day 2 with Shaun Tomson

Former surfing champion and motivational speaker, Shaun Tomson, provides an opening keynote in the context of surf parks a catalyst for cultural change, empowerment, and positivity. Shaun shares more about “the surfers code” and how surf park operators, investors, and leaders can harness the potential of surfing to succeed commercially and culturally.  

Establishing Standards for Surf Park Safety

Being a new space somewhere between a swimming pool, a water park, and a water skiing cable lagoon surf parks pose a head scratching conundrum for regulators who more often than not have no idea what they are looking at. Applying swimming pool standards would see scores of lifeguards required at a time, are swimming pool levels of filtration and sanitation required or is this a recreation lagoon? Should helmets be required? Leashes? Rubber sumo suits? How much regulation is too much and what are the risks to the industry of leaving it up to government agencies to figure it out?

Marshall Myrman. President, FlowRider®


Tom Lochtefeld. Founder & CEO, Surfloch

Richard Carroll. Senior Vice President and COO, Jeff Ellis & Associates

Curtis Barton. CEO, Venture Pacific Insurance Services

Ken Smith. President, H2 Lagoon Solutions

Masterplanning the Guest Experience Inside and Outside the Pool

Surf parks are about much more than just surfing. Operators must consider various personas when designing surf park and wave pool experiences, including for different skill levels, family members, and non-surfers alike. It’s also critical to have multiple ways to engage with customers when they are on-site to keep them engaged, excited, and happy with their stay. This panel examines the various ways in which surf park operators, masterplanners, and strategic partners can maximize the guest experience at surf parks.

Craig Stoner, Managing Partner, EDSA


Mike Oswald. Partner, ProSwell & Managing Partner, MR-ProFun

Jason Baldessari. Principal/Founder at PUSHparks.

Blake Hess. COO, Beach Street. Formerly NLAND and WSL Surf Ranch

Paul Chutter. President & CCO, WhiteWater / President, Endless Surf

Designing Truly Fun Experiences in Surf Parks

Surf park customer retention and fun experiences go hand in hand. This panel brings together an incredible range of veteran water park and surf park experience creators to discuss how we can create and enhance fun consumer experiences that keep people coming back. How can operators create additional experiences and revenue streams inside and outside the wave basin? How can we make these experiences unique, iconic, and sustainable? This panel brings back together the group of speakers from the June 2021 Summit who made the conversation so fun that we had to invite them all back.


William Duncanson. Partner, BAR Architects & Partner, Pro-Swell


Jim Dunn. President, Aquatic Development Group (ADG)

Doug Whiteaker. President, Water Technology Inc. (WTI)

Zach Adamson. Founder, DIVERTbrands, LLC

David Bergman. Business Development/Senior Manager at BergmanKPRS

Oriol Vicente. Co-Founder, Westlake Wave Co.

Wave Technology and the Future of Surf Parks

The current explosion in the surf park industry is being driven by the quantum leap in surf park wave quality first heralded by Wavegarden’s original lagoon in 2013.  The paradigm shift was driven home in 2015 by Surf Snowdonia and the KSWaveCo phenomenon. What does the future of surf park technology look like? What can we expect from technology 10 and 20 years from now? Has technology already peaked? What is the market likely to demand of and favor from wave generation technologies into the future? How do we get there and what are the current roadblocks? This panel brings together some of the leading wave generation technologies to discuss these issues.


Jess Ponting. Co-Founder Surf Park Summit, Director Center for Surf Research


Baptiste Colonque. Chief Commercial Officer, Endless Surf

Tom Lochtefeld. Founder & CEO, Surfloch

Bryan Gile. Director of Sales, North America, Surf Lakes

The Evolution of Surf Park Culture

Surfing is an indigenous sport with a long history and deep culture. Born across many pre-colonial coastal cultures, perfected in the Hawaiian islands, then shared with the world through the early 20th century, surfing is a sport that connects millions of saltwater enthusiasts all over the world every day with shared experiences. What happens in a world where freshwater surfing in human-made pools takes place vast distances from the nearest coastline? The answer is certainly going to be exciting! This panel explores the evolution of surf park culture from what these guests know about the origins of surfing, what we’re seeing out there today, and what’s coming in the future. How can surf parks connect with and become part of the rich and storied evolution of surfing to elevate themselves symbolically and culturally to be more than just a basin with waves in it?


Jessica O'Leary. North American Distribution Partner & Marketing Director, UNIT Surf Pool 


Investing in Surf Parks & Wave Pools

The surf park industry needs new capital to continue to grow - this panel brings together finance leaders, led by Paul Chutter, Head of Whitewater and Endless Surf, along with finance industry veterans Ryder Thomas, Andrew Limbocker, and others to discuss to discuss what trends are emerging for next years continued growth of surf park investment. If you’re raising money or growth capital for a project of your own, you do not want to miss this one!


Paul Chutter. President & CCO, WhiteWater / President, Endless Surf


Ryder Thomas. CEO, Pegasus Lodges & Partner, Pro-Swell

Andrew Limbocker. Partner,  Lagniappe Capital Partners

Doug Sheres. Finance & Development, Beach Street Development

Kristina Chang. President, Westlake International Group

The Design and Development of the LineUp at Wai Kai

This panel discusses the nuances of creating a new surf park from design to development. We hear from the Master Developer, Larry Caster, from Haseko about the Citywave-centered deep water wave at the Lineup at Wai Kai, at Ewa Beach in Hawaii. Larry is joined by pool build experts, CEM Aquatics. Moderators Skip Taylor and Cate Thero of Surf Park Management present the thread between technical services through to operations, including the entire timeline of development. The talk showcases real-life examples of what each stage encompasses, which will help Developers to consider how to succeed on their projects.

Skip Taylor. Partner, Surf Park Management

Cate Thero, Partner, Surf Park Management


Lawrence Caster. Director Retail and Resort Development, Wai Kai Commercial Development

Matt Ruzicka. Relationship Manager at CEM Aquatics

Permitting and Approvals in Surf Parks

Trying to build a surf park? Don’t assume permitting and local government approvals will be easy - in fact, this has been one of the most common blockers for new projects to succeed and can set back opening by months or even years. Hear from this panel of industry experts, developers, and operators who are finding their way through or who have successfully completed this process across many countries and jurisdictions. Is it possible to secure exemptions from state oversight and work directly with counties? Find out.


Doug Sheres. Finance & Development, Beach Street Development


Mike Gartland. Principal, Counsilman-Hunsaker

Josh Martin. President & Creative Director at Martin Aquatic Design & Engineering

The Evolution of Surfboard Shaping and Surf Parks, with the Olympic Gold Medal Shapers

Shaun Tomson moderates a discussion with Matt Biolos + Timmy Patterson to discuss the evolution of surfboard design, and the impact on shaping surf parks can have including the lesser need for volume, opportunities for performance optimization, and rapid testing, etc.

Shaun Tomson


Matt Biolos

Timmy Patterson

About the Venue - Scripps Forum

The Scripps Seaside Forum offers a tasteful blend of function and style that celebrates Southern California's unrivaled coastal environment. With an unparalleled waterfront location, modern facilities, and award-winning architecture, this stunning venue offers the ideal setting for corporate events such as meetings and conferences as well as social events such as weddings and galas.


The only conference focused entirely on surf parks & wave pools

10+ years in the making - Surf Park Summit is still the best source for facts, insights, access, and engagement in the surf park community. The event features the leaders and innovators in surf parks who share lessons learned, useful contacts, and tactical tips for success. With representatives from the top wave technology companies and surf parks, Summit also attracts institutional investors and high net worth individuals looking to break into the space. Summit is the go-to place if your team is serious about surf parks.

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